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Medical Laboratory Assistant Schools

Medical laboratory assistants are skilled in both the technical aspects of laboratory testing and in working directly with patients. Their work may involve taking medical histories and vital statistics from patients, collecting lab specimens, and even performing certain laboratory tests. Then, under physicians' supervision, medical laboratory assistants provide instructions to patients regarding medications or at-home care. They are a vital link between physician and patient, assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases and health conditions.

What to Expect from Medical Laboratory Assistant Schools

While it is sometimes possible to receive on-the-job training, several states require licensure for those wanting to work in medical laboratory assistant careers. Additionally, employers increasingly prefer to hire those with formal training and certification. Medical laboratory assistant schools generally take 1-2 years to complete, and coursework, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, covers anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and various technical, administrative, and computer skills such as keyboarding, medical transcription, laboratory techniques, patient relations, and medical law and ethics.

Medical laboratory assistant careers appear to be growing, and projections for the 2008-2018 period indicate extremely rapid growth among medical assistants, at a rate of 34 percent. In 2009, medical assistants earned a median annual salary of $28,650.

Medical Laboratory Assistant Schools
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