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Clinical Pastoral Counseling Schools

Clinical pastoral counseling blends the spiritual advisement inherent in the ministry of all faiths together with clinical counseling. Practitioners can more thoroughly counsel parishioners who are experiencing crises without losing sight of the importance of faith in that healing process.

What to Expect from Clinical Pastoral Counseling Schools

Clinical pastoral counseling schools generally provide graduates with master's degrees. They are designed for those in the clergy or on church staffs. This specialized education prepares students to practice in additional settings, including social services, hospitals, or counseling centers.

A clinical pastoral counseling education includes training in how to consult with health care or mental health professionals, provide small group counseling, aid patients in managing crises, and understand the principles of counseling in light of grief, illness, and injury.

The Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. offers three levels of clinical pastoral counseling training, with the third, or supervisory, level enabling graduates to work as counselors or leaders of counseling facilities. However, each clinical pastoral counseling school or program varies. Licensure to practice as a counselor is required in many states. Counselors earned a median annual salary of $66,040 in 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports, although the BLS does not specifically track clinical pastoral counseling careers in its occupational estimates.

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Clinical Pastoral Counseling Schools