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Health Services Administration Schools

A career in health services administration requires business management skills to plan, organize, and deliver health care services to patients in hospitals or other health care facilities. To enter into this highly competitive and rewarding field, a bachelor's degree from one of many available health services administration schools is required. Those with a master's or even a doctoral degree are more competitive and often advance in this career more quickly. Bachelor's degree programs generally take about four years to complete. Master's degree programs take an additional two to three years, which often includes one year of supervised work experience in the field. Doctoral degrees generally take more than five years.

Coursework at Health Services Administration Schools


Classes offered at schools that prepare students for health services administration careers include hospital management, health information systems, accounting, budgeting, health economics, human resources administration, and others.


The mean annual wage of health services administrators as of 2009 was just over $40.00 an hour, with a salary of $90,970 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Top wage earners made just over $140,000 a year. The employers that tend to pay the most were hospitals, followed by private physician offices, nursing care facilities, home health care services, and lastly outpatient care centers.


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Health Services Administration Schools