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Healthcare Administration Management Schools

Healthcare administration management careers utilize skills in business management, employee supervision and delegation, and strategic planning to keep the field of health care running smoothly.

Education for Healthcare Administration Management Careers

A bachelor's degree is generally required to obtain a position in this field. An advanced degree from one of many healthcare administration management schools can hone management skills and make a candidate highly attractive for employment. These programs differ in the time it takes to complete:

  • A bachelor's degree program generally lasts about four years
  • A master's degree program takes an additional two to three years to complete
  • A doctoral degree can take between five and ten years to complete

Classes commonly offered in these programs include accounting, information technology, human resources, and hospital organization and management.

Salary for Healthcare Administrators

The salary of a healthcare administration manager depends on training, experience, and the employer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for health care administrators in 2009 was $81,850, and top earners made more than $140,000 annually.

Managers working in hospitals generally earn the highest salaries, and those working in outpatient care centers tend to make the least.

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Healthcare Administration Management Schools