Home Health Aide Schools

Also known as "home caregivers" or "personal attendants," those with home health aide careers provide routine medical care and living assistance to those who are unable to take care of themselves or their loved ones at home. Home aides are some of the most needed health care workers because they provide support and daily assistance that traditional medical centers and hospitals are too busy to perform. To meet this demand, top-notch home health aide schools are available across the nation.

Home Health Aide Careers Are Booming

Home health aides are in huge demand today, with 50 percent growth expected in this field between 2008 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These workers care for the elderly, physically disabled, convalescents, and terminally ill patients, providing assistance in measuring vital signs, administering medication, feeding, bathing, and emotional support. They may live in their clients' homes on a full-time basis, or drop in daily or weekly to assist with everyday tasks. Home health aides earned a median annual salary of $20,480 in 2009, the BLS reports.

Home health aides typically need formal training and may also be required to pass a competency exam before finding employment. Training from home health aide schools includes first aid, emergency procedures, safety techniques, and nutrition instruction.

A home health aides' job is both physically and emotionally demanding, requiring a warm, steady temperament and specialized medical and emergency training. For those who are suited to this career, though, the work can be highly rewarding. With abundant demand for this type of work in today's medical field, those interested in studying at a home health aide school and pursuing a new career direction should find plenty of opportunities.


Home Health Aide Schools