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Medical Lab Assistant Schools

The medical field is growing by leaps and bounds each year, largely due to the increasing needs of the nation's aging baby boomers. With more demand for health care services of all kinds, it's no wonder that medical lab assistants are much needed in hospitals, doctor's offices, blood clinics, and private health care centers of all kinds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 34 percent more medical assistant jobs will be available by 2018 than existed in 2008, and today's students are the ones to fill tomorrow's jobs as they pursue active health care careers.

Training in Medical Lab Assistant Schools

What does it take to pursue one of the many available medical lab assistant careers? Most health care workers filling these jobs complete either a one- or two-year diploma program and must pass additional courses in order to perform certain kinds of patient care and lab work.

The training to work in medical lab assisting includes coursework in collecting and processing specimens, data entry, and reception and secretarial services, as well as more advanced diagnostics like electrocardiograms, urinalyses, and ultrasounds.

Medical lab assistant schools provide students with in-class education as well as practical lab experience to prepare them for work in a medical research or blood laboratory. The programs are designed to help future health care professionals perform their jobs with accuracy and efficiency.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants earned median annual salary of $28,650 in 2009.

Medical Lab Assistant Schools