Nurse Assistant Schools

Nurse assistant careers are a great option for individuals who want to enter the growing health care field without investing significant time in school. Nursing assistants provide basic care to patients under the direction of the nurse or physician. For example, nursing assistants may be responsible for bathing, dressing, feeding, and sometimes transporting patients.

Nurse assistants can earn certification in less than three months, and because there is such a high demand for qualified individuals in the health care field, these folks should see strong opportunities for employment.

Training at Nurse Assistant Schools

To become a nursing assistant, some formal training from a nurse assistant school is required, although programs may be as short as six weeks to three months. Federal licensing requirements generally include a certain number of hours of training and an exam. Programs can be found in community colleges, nursing care facilities, and vocational schools. Coursework may include:

  • Nutrition
  • Infection control
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Communication skills

Graduates of a nursing assistant school can work in hospitals, schools, or private and public clinics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing assistants earned a median salary of $24,040 in 2009. Many nursing assistants return to school to become registered nurses, making nursing assistant schools a great introduction to an exciting career in the medical industry.

Nurse Assistant Schools