Pharmacy Aide Schools

Pharmacy aides are responsible for many of the administrative functions of a pharmacy, including customer service, running the cash register, and restocking merchandise. As an aging baby boomer population comes to rely more and more on the health care system, job opportunities in pharmacies are expected to be good.

Students who are interested in pharmacy aide careers should possess the following characteristics:

  • A meticulous, organized personality: no mistakes can be made when administering medication
  • The ability to multi-task
  • Basic clerical skills such as phone-answering and filing
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Pharmacy Aide Schools For the Aspiring Health Care Professional

Pharmacy aides generally receive on-the-job training, but those seeking opportunities for job advancement may pursue training at a pharmacy technician or pharmacy aide school. These programs range in length from six months to two years and provide training in pharmacology, math, science and clerical skills.

Most pharmacy aides work in retail pharmacies, although others may be employed in drugstores, markets, and hospitals. Pharmacy aides earned a median salary of $20,800 in 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, although a graduate's salary depends on location and level of education attained. Pharmacy aides who advance into pharmacy technician roles, which generally come with more responsibility for dispensing medication and require more training from pharmacy aide schools, can see salaries increase to $28,070.


Pharmacy Aide Schools