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Physical Therapist Assistant Schools

Physical therapist assistant schools offer those interested in healing others the exciting opportunity to work in the financially and emotionally rewarding field of physical therapy. Most positions in this field require a two-year associate's degree, and the education is worth it: the median salary for physical therapist assistants is $48,290.

Physical Therapist Assistant Schools and Training

At physical therapist assistant school, students learn to work with a physical therapist, assisting in treating patients, completing client paperwork, and learning about healing physical injuries. Physical therapist assistants might also help teach patients how to use crutches and participate in an exercise regime.

Physical therapist assistant schools offer courses in physiology, medicine, algebra and English, as well as hands-on training in therapy techniques. Students who attend a physical therapist assistant school can work in a number of locations, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Private or public clinics
  • Physical rehabilitation centers
  • Making house calls

Physical therapist assistants should be physically fit, as they may be expected to stand for long periods of time. Bending over and lifting are two regular parts of this profession, so athletic individuals can still expect a good workout as a physical therapist assistant. Because they work with a diverse client population, physical therapist assistants should have a calm and pleasant personality coupled with an inherent desire to help others.

Physical Therapist Assistant Schools