Looking Beyond the Surface: Understanding the Nature of Pain

Sometimes life is a delicate balance. We try to be happy and comfortable while we do our work, eat our meals, pursue our hobbies and seek life's pleasures. A simple thing like lower back pain can upset the entire picture and make life a bother rather than a joy.  If you're interested in nursing degree programs, it is important to understand pain and where it comes from.  After all, as a nurse, one of your main focuses will be easing it, stopping it, and preventing it.  Read on to gain a deeper understanding of what we know as "pain."

What is Pain all About

Pain is the body's way of saying that something is wrong. Of course, a broken bone will cause pain. That pain prevents you from damaging the injury further. A broken foot causes pain and you can't walk on it. It is not easy to move a broken hand. Nature forces you to stop moving until the injury has healed; however, small pains, while not as serious and not caused by major injuries, can hold you back and keep you from moving naturally. Back pain, knee pain, or chronic leg pain all put the body into a state of imbalance. Neck pain can even affect the way you see things since our vision relies on free turning head movement to freely and fully scan our surrounding environment.

Pain Relief is Available

As a nurse, you will realize that many people, whether healthy or sick, think of pain as a sign of weakness. We ignore it and try to go on with life. That wrong attitude has been the cause of misery and many additional injuries. Today, chronic pain syndrome is recognized as a condition that requires treatment. There are a wide range of pain medications and even serious arthritis pain can be treated medically.

Real chronic pain management involves much more than just throwing pain killers at the problem area. The medical treatment requires a full examination of the various muscle and organ systems of the body. Pain medication is recommended only if there is no systemic, organic pain cause found.

Pain: Look Beyond the Surface

If you're interested in becoming a health professional, recognize that pain relief will be a central part of your daily job.  Especially as a nurse, you will be constantly assessing patients based on both the pain they report, as well as the pain they may not report.  Be extremely aware of changes in mood to assess whether a patient may be hiding pain, as your job as a nurse is to make them feel comfortable sharing their symptoms openly and honestly.

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