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In recent years the world community has been challenged by a devastating Tsunami, earthquakes, catastrophic hurricanes, killer tornados, landslides, droughts, large floods, chemical spills, wildfires, terrorist attacks, and with the need to manage large numbers of persons displaced by civil conflict or other emergencies. Increasingly complex natural hazards and emergencies on an international scale have given rise to a vastly growing need for nurses, public health professionals, emergency medical technicians, allied health professionals, management specialists, and others to be educated and prepared to shape policy, conduct research, develop plans, and take charge during crisis situations.

Disasters are Non-Routine Events that Require Non-Routine Responses

Hospitals, local communities, governments, national agencies, and international organizations cannot rely on normal procedures to implement a successful response to disasters. Trained Disaster Management professionals are urgently needed at the local, national, and even the international level to tackle challenges such as disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster management.

The scope of disaster management encompasses such activities as analyzing disaster risks, implementing strategies to reduce risks, disaster preparedness planning, devising and conducting public education and training, responding to crisis events, coordinating with relief agencies, and after disaster reconstruction. During an emergency Disaster Management professionals are typically called upon to coordinate activities of local community agencies, government agencies, and relief organizations such as the Red Cross in order to try to provided needed support and materials to the affected population as quickly as possible.

Disaster Management professionals coordinate medical relief, search and rescue operations, water and food supplies, arranging emergency shelter, environmental sanitation, information and communications operations, and logistics in addition to directing other members of the disaster management team. Hospital based Disaster Management professionals conduct planning, training, and direct efforts of doctors, nurses, and all healthcare providers during emergencies in addition to coordinating logistical needs for supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, sanitation, epidemiology, and bed management.

Online MS in Leadership - Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management Degree

As a nurse you make a huge difference in the lives of those around you, and now you can take your passion to help others an even greater level with an online graduate degree in leadership - disaster and crisis management. Grand Canyon University is prepared to help working nurses and others interested in a career in Disaster Management through their accredited Master of Science in Leadership with an emphasis on Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management online degree program. The Master of Science in Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management offers courses in the areas of occupational health and safety, disaster preparation and crisis management, and environmental issues most needed by leaders in the area of emergency public safety and response.

EMT's, paramedics, firefighters, healthcare administrators, managers, and those with degrees in public health would be well suited to a career in Disaster Management also. One of the advantages of online degree programs is that they give working professionals the ability to pursue additional education while keeping their present job and income. Online course work can be done whenever the student finds the time, wherever there's internet access, and in addition to often being eligible for scholarships and financial aid, most nurses, EMT's, paramedics, and other working healthcare professionals are able to make use of employer tuition assistance plans to help pay for attaining a higher degree.

Online BS in EMS Management Degree For Working EMTs

EMTs interested in pursuing a career in disaster management but lacking a bachelor degree can now take advantage of a new online EMT to BS in EMS Management degree from The George Washington University offered through The College Network. This innovative new program is specifically designed to work around the busy and irregular schedules of EMS & fire service professionals so you can keep up with work and family life while attaining your degree. No campus attendance is required and The College Network can help you with your financing needs and academic success.

Disaster Management Offers Diverse and Interesting Employment Options

Disaster Management and Emergency Management professionals have a wide range of employment options available to them including working autonomously as consultants. Well paid jobs are readily available in hospitals, police, EMS and Fire Departments, health departments, in local community governments or agencies, in all branches of the uniformed services, for governmental agencies, and at non-governmental relief organizations such as the Red Cross. Many private companies that deal with hazardous chemicals, industrial machinery or have other types of hazard risks hire disaster management professionals either as consultants or to work on staff full time to develop safety programs and to educate other managers or associates. Oil companies, airlines, retail establishments, health services companies, and many other types of industries are actively recruiting disaster management employees and consultants.

If you're interested in taking your career in a direction that involves looking out for the well being of many versus the individual and doing something with your life that truly makes a difference please request information from the accredited online schools featured below.

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