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See If You and Chemistry Have...Well, Chemistry!

A Degree in Chemistry

If you're a registered nurse, you've definitely taken a few courses in chemistry.  The field of chemistry is both broad and microscopic in its focus. Getting your degree in a science such as chemistry involves studying molecules and atoms and their intricate interactions. From organic chemistry, which deals with living cells, to polymer chemistry, which focuses on the scientific study of macromolecules or polymer molecules, the study of chemistry is perfect for students who have an undying curiosity about what makes up the world around us. An educational path in chemistry involves both theoretical study as well as a heavy focus on hands-on practical study in the lab.

Chemistry Degree Requirements

It is usually helpful when considering a major in chemistry to have already had some experience at the high school level; however it isn't usually a requirement except for the most prestigious programs. An undergraduate program will require a broad study of chemistry and you will typically be required to study the basic principles of organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. For those students interested in taking their study of chemistry to the graduate level or who want a career in the field, it will be critical to pursue research opportunities as an undergrad. Research experience will prepare you for the problem solving required in most graduate programs in chemistry and give you the hands-on experience you need to succeed in this career.

Potential Career Paths for Chemistry Degree Holders

A degree in chemistry can help prepare you for a number of fields. You might consider a career in pharmaceuticals, industrial applications such as the petroleum industry, or even wine-making--where a comprehensive understanding of chemistry can make the difference in a quality vintage. An undergraduate degree in chemistry might also lead you to a program in physical sciences, medical or pharmaceutical chemistry, or chemical physics.





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