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Develop a Proactive Health & Safety Program

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 6.6 million injuries and illnesses were reported in 2003 in the private sector alone. In addition, fines from OSHA for noncompliance with workplace health and safety laws have increased dramatically in recent years, with the heaviest fines charges to those businesses that ignored the most basic regulations.

If you are an occupational health specialist responsible for employee health and safety at your workplace, it may be time to expand your knowledge of current issues and regulations, learn new skills, and ultimately create and maintain a safer work environment.

What Is a Health and Safety Program?

An effective health and safety program will bring together two important areas for you, the occupational health specialist. The first one involves core health and safety classes. In this portion, you will learn detailed health and safety management and analysis as it pertains directly to your employees and workplace. The second portion involves the educational component, whereby you'll learn key methods involving the design and delivery of health and safety training.  If you're interested in earning your online nursing degree, health and safety training will be a large component of what you learn; after all, as a nurse, health and safety are your primary concerns on a daily basis.

How Will You Benefit?

Upon completion of your health and safety training, you'll obtain an occupational health certificate that also meets a portion of the Code of Federal Regulations for trainer requirements. Many states have mandatory continuing education stipulations in order to keep your current occupational health specialist license or certification, so having this additional training could be crucial.

Ultimately, the best reward will be the increased health and safety of your workplace and employees. By examining and studying critical issues, you can be proactive in the development and maintenance of your company's occupational hazards, designs and opportunities.




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