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Interesting Facts About Nursing

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that nursing, from 2002 to 2012, will be the fastest growing profession.  Despite the dismal effects of the recession on the job market nation-wide, it appears that nursing jobs will be in high demand for the next few years.  Read on to collect more interesting facts about a career that could fulfill you personally, professionally and financially.

Interesting Facts About Nursing

  • 49 of the 50 states allow advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication to patients
  • There is a National Nurses Week, celebrated from May 6th through May 12th, the day famous Nurse Florence Nightingale was bor
  • Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, was a volunteer nurse in Union hospitals
  • Famous writer Walt Whitman was also a volunteer nurse during the Civil War. Over time, he worked in over 40 hospitals, which greatly influenced his perspective, and in turn, his famous writing.  This included his poem "Memoranda During the War."
  • Within the United States and Canada, only 168,181 nurses are men, making up only 5.8% of the total nursing population
  • Many nurses complete their continuing-education-units by enrolling in courses offered through online schools
  • In the US, the ratio of registered nurses to doctors is 4:1
  • According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, as of October 2009, there are 354,137 active nurses and 18,391 inactive nurses
  • There is a severe shortage of nursing faculty who are trained to teach students who are enrolled in nursing school
  • An 8 to 10 hour shift is considered a normal nursing shift; anything after 12 hours is considered dangerous, as overworking nurses can put them at risk for error
  • Entry-level nurses, or first-year nurses, earn more than the average college graduate who takes a job fresh out of school
  • Nurses make up the largest healthcare population: 2.5 million jobs
  • Saint Benedict founded the Benedictine nursing order in 500 AD
  • The United States Army commissioned Second Lieutenant Edward Lynn as the first male in the United States Army Nurses Corp.
  • The most famous nurse in history is English nurse Florence Nightingale, who was actually only a nurse for three years of her entire life
  • Entrance to the nursing profession requires state and national approval
  • Nurses often hold key research positions at major universities



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