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Moving From LPN to RN : Options for Working LPNs

Most LPN’s work long hours to earn an income that will help support their families. Between fluctuating work schedules, family and financial commitments, many feel it is impossible to return to college and obtain their RN degree without serious disruption to those vital areas of concern. The possibility of advancing their careers and skills continues to evade them, and they become trapped in their current roles with little chance of an upward movement.

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LPN’s who want to return to school are discovering that campus based colleges and universities are turning away thousands of nursing school applicants because the schools lack enough nursing instructors and/or do not have enough classroom space to accommodate the number of prospective students. As a result, many LPN’s who apply to traditional campus based nursing programs are turned away or put on waiting lists of one to two years. LPNs who do manage to get into a campus based nursing program must then either cut way back on their work hours or give up their job entirely for several years in order to successfully complete the classroom and clinical rotations demanded of them in the nursing program. Due to these difficulties and others many LPNs give up on the idea of obtaining a RN or BSN degree.

You don't have to attend campus-based classes to earn your RN or BSN degree!

If you’re a busy, working health care professional -- and you want to move up in your career then consider getting your RN or BSN degree from an accredited online school. Many leading universities now offer online classes and degree programs, and a select few offer LPN to RN/BSN programs. Unlike traditional campus-based nursing programs with their set class schedules, online nursing degree programs allow students the ability to design their own schedule, to study at their own pace, where and when it's convenient for them, and to arrange work and study to suit their own personal circumstances. Online nursing degree programs typically cost up to 50% less than campus-based schools, and students generally complete their online nursing degree faster through online nursing programs than they would have at traditional campus based schools.

No Waiting List - Start Right Now - On Your Schedule

Unlike campus-based nursing schools you won't get stuck on a waiting list for several years when you choose to get your LPN to RN, or RN to BSN degree through an online nursing degree program. Online courses offer much more convenience than you might realize in other ways as well. Have you every tried to find a parking spot on a busy college campus! No more paying for parking passes and then having to walk 5 blocks in the rain or snow to get to the classroom! You can park in your own driveway or garage and no more walking in the inclement weather to get from one class to the next. With online courses all you have to do to go from one class to the next is hit the course menu in your virtual classroom and click on the next course!

Online schools offer flexibility in an important area of one's life: time. If the students lives a half an hour from the campus, then they are spending a minimum of an hour a day just driving back and forth. They are then spending at least two to three hours each day sitting in a traditional classroom. The online student is able to spend that valuable time at their jobs, with their families or studying their coursework.

Online nursing students have greater access to their nursing instructors than campus based nursing students have because in a "virtual" classroom your nursing instructors and advisers are available either online, in person, by email, by phone, and via teleconference for any questions or concerns you might have. The student must be self disciplined and be able to manage their own schedules to insure that they do the course work and turn in assignments.

LPN's can become an RN with no classroom attendance and do their clinicals locally in as little as 12 months. RNs typically earn over $13,000 more per year than LPN's so in a short period of time you could be earning more, and enjoy greater career opportunities.

It is no wonder, then, that online nursing degree programs have gained such a strong and prominent position in the education of healthcare workers! For Additional Information about NLN Accredited Online Nursing Degrees and programs including LPN to RN/BSN, RN - BSN Degrees, Specialty Nursing Certification in Forensic Nursing, Legal Nurse Consulting, and Advanced Practice Nursing visit nursingdegrees's Online Nursing School Directory. Explore the schools and degree programs they offer and request free no-obligation information from as many as you like. It's best to request information from several so you can compare requirements, time involved and costs to find the one that meets your needs the best.

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