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Masters Degree in Nursing - Why Earn One Online?

One of the smartest and most convenient ways to receive your Master's Degree in Nursing these days is through an accredited online degree program in nursing. Over the last several years, many prestigious nursing schools have begun offering accredited nursing masters degrees online and have therefore become extremely popular for offering students a convenient and effective way to acquire an advanced nursing degree. If you are interested in enrolling in an online nursing master's degree program, it is important to consider the benefits online nursing education has to offer.

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Earn your accredited online degree without missing a day of work.

One of the most commonly asked questions prospective online nursing students ask is  how can someone receive a nursing degree completely online? What about clinical rotations? The truth of the matter is that you already did clinical rotations during the course of your original nursing degree program and in most cases that will satisfy their need for the clinical aspects of your next degree. In some cases, such as nursing graduate programs or Nurse Practitioner programs, academic course work is done online whenever and wherever it is most convenient for the student, and any required clinical experiences are coordinated with a local preceptor at a facility near you.

The major benefit of an online nursing masters degree program is convenience. Most prospective online nursing students have jobs that they cannot afford to give up in order to return to traditional campus based schools in order to pursue a higher degree. Additionally, most working nurses are restricted by have family responsibilities, financial obligations, and other constraints that make attending traditional campus based nursing programs very difficult and inconvenient. Having the ability to "attend" class online from anywhere internet access is available at any time that works for the student's schedule is just one of the many features of online nursing programs that make them extremely attractive.

Obtaining your Masters in Nursing degree online gives nurses the ability to able to complete class work whenever it's good for their schedule rather than needing to adjust their work and family life around inflexible traditional schedules campus based programs demand. In a traditional campus based nursing program students need to have papers, assignments and tests taken at specific dates and times. The flexibility of online nursing degree programs is absolutely priceless for the students taking advantage of them.

Another benefit of taking nursing courses online is that online nursing students have more access and ability to communicate with instructors and academic counselors than campus based students have. Campus based students have access to their professors or advisers during posted office hours alone in most cases, but online nursing students enjoy the ability to interact with faculty 24/7 through e-mail, virtual classrooms, bulletin boards, live chat, phone calls, and a variety of innovative means that provide online students with unsurpassed support. Just because you are not on campus, doesn't mean that you are not important. Many online nursing students find that they get superior treatment through the online division as compared to students on campus.

Most online nursing students will usually be very involved with a school adviser who works with the student on a one-to-one basis to make sure the student's curriculum is planned to best meet their individual needs and who will assist the student with applications, tuition assistance and scholarships, employer tuition plans, and with career planning. Ensuring the success of each online nursing student enrolled in their school's online nursing degree program is the advisers main function.

Regarding equipment necessary for taking courses online; usually most online universities will outline their requirements on their main web site, however if you have a decent computer that can perform word processing, email and internet function, as well as a dial up or broadband internet provider, you should have everything necessary in order to receive and communicate with your school and classmates.

The cost of most online degree programs, including a master's degree in nursing, is usually 30 to 50% more affordable than its physical counterpart. While university credits vary by institution and location, expect to pay about $100 to $200 per credit with online universities. If you need financial assistance, accredited online universities can offer you the same types of assistance as physical schools and there are even nursing and other scholarships available that you may qualify for. Your academic adviser can help you identify and apply for all applicable financial aid, employer tuition assistance, and scholarship programs that are available.

While each online nursing school offers their own individualized nursing program with different specializations or concentrations being offered, the most popular online nursing masters degree programs are the RN to MSN bridge programs, MSN degree, Nurse Practitioner programs, M.S. in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Education, and programs that combine a Masters in Nursing with a Masters in Management or Healthcare Administration.

As you can see there are many available nursing degrees that you can attain online. Besides the above benefits of convenience, financial assistance, quality of instruction and the prestigious online nursing schools to choose from, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of an online masters degree in nursing is the opportunity to complete your nursing graduate studies at your own pace without having to disrupt your current work and family responsibilities while doing it. Without the ability to take advance your nursing education through online nursing degree programs most working nurses would be unable to advance their nursing education and therefore find their career options limited. Online nursing programs change all of that.

There are many great benefits to enrolling in an accredited online nursing program in order to earn a Masters in Nursing degree; however you are the only one that can determine which factors offer you the most benefits, and whether it is worth it to enroll in school online or at a traditional campus. If you are interested in receiving your master's degree in nursing, before you enroll, take a look at the above information and request additional information directly from the schools about programs that interest you through our list of accredited online nursing schools.

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