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Whether you're in nursing school, in your first year of nursing or have been an RN for 20 years, having a supportive community of nurses to turn to is extremely important. Here at nursingdegrees.com, we provide an online community for you to access 24/7. Check out our video interviews and nursing demos, follow a nurse-written blog or submit a nursing career question via the "Ask a Nurse" tool below. nursingdegrees is a resource for nurses--by nurses--so become a part of this interactive and supportive community today!

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Why do I need to take English?
" I'm an LPN with years of experience.  Every time I consider going back to school to get an RN degree, I find I need to take courses like English and social s..."
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Accountability and role changes
"  I was assigned to work as a nurse aid in a MICU. I am a RN and do not have the training in MICU. The facility stated I would not be held accountable as a R..."
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YouTube videos help nursing students learn
"Whether you’re a nursing student or a graduate who needs to review certain techniques, YouTube can be a wonderful source for you. Often thought of as a way of showing s..."
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