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Stress and Nursing

August 24th, 2010 by – Sue Barton

  If you are not good with high stress, how can you be a nurse?

The beauty of the nursing profession is that there are so many career options and paths available to nurses.  Not all of those options involve the sort of stress levels that you probably associate with working in intensive care units and emergency rooms.  Many nursing roles focus on prevention and wellness, and care of chronic conditions. Others involve research, education, or administration.  Keep in mind also that the scenes you see on the typical medical TV drama are not entirely realistic!   If you are still evaluating career choices, you may want to take a career aptitude test to give you some idea of what fields are a good match for your interests and personality.  Most jobs of course involve some level of stress.  If in general you find that stress is a problem for you, you might want to consider doing some short term counseling to find coping skills that enable you to be more comfortable and effective in stressful situations.

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