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Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

September 10th, 2010 by – Marijke Durning

What is it that brings you to the nursing profession? Are you studying to be a nurse now or are you looking to become a nurse (if you’re not one already)? Did you know for a long time that you wanted to be a nurse or is it something you are deciding about now? So many questions…

It may not be so, but it does seem that people in health care and public professions get asked the question a lot: “Why did you want to become a nurse/dentist/social worker/doctor? And often, those who are nurses get a follow up question, something like, “Didn’t you want to be a doctor?”

So, why did you want to be a nurse? There are many reasons and there isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Passion for health and science. People who enjoy science and learning about the human body have many options, from working in research to working with the public. This interest may also lead into nursing because nurses can continue to grow and learn as research progresses in their individual fields.

Nurturing. Some people are nurturers, more so than others. If you are looking for a career that allows you to, quite literally, care for someone, then nursing could be a good choice. Other nurturing types of professions include teaching and veterinary sciences.

Variety. Nursing is a profession with multiple options available to the nurses. You could work in nursing in long-term care or home care, or you could end up working in an emergency room, in the military or in palliative care.

Career security. Despite word of too many nursing and not enough nurses in some parts of the United States, there are some areas that have nursing shortages and more shortages are predicted.

Working with people: It seems sometimes in our societ we have on one type of workers, office people, and on the other side, people people. This translates roughly to one group that works behind a desk, working more with paper than interacting with people. On the other side, you have professionals, like nurses, who work with people – a hands on profession. Mind you, ask any nurse and it’s very likely he or she will tell you that just because you’re working with people, it doesn’t mean you won’t have reams of paperwork to do!

So, why are you interested in nursing?

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