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Nursing School for ER Nurses

December 17th, 2010 by – Derek Brocklehurst

How long would I have to be in college if I want to be an ER nurse?

Unfortunately, there is no specific nursing degree to be an emergency room (ER) nurse. You would¬† want to get your registered nurse (RN) license or your bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) degree and have focused in ER care during your schooling and clinical rotations.¬† There are several different routes towards becoming a nurse.

  • You could attend a 2-year program at your local accredited health care facility for your diploma in nursing, which allows you to sit for your board exams (NCLEX).
  • You could attend a similar 2-year program at your local community college and get an associates degree, allowing you to sit for the NCLEX.
  • If you are interested in higher-level nursing such as nursing administration or leadership roles, you would want to attend a 4-year BSN program and sit for your boards after obtaining that degree.

All 3 options will allow you to work as a nurse. If you want to focus in ER nursing after school is over, though not all programs give the option, try to get clinical rotations in the ER. It’s always a good idea to network during rotations, as it might open up options for careers after school.

Check out Medi-smart’s nursing school directory for more information about schools and programs around the country.

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