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Practicing What We Preach

December 21st, 2010 by – Sue Barton

  I work three twelve hour shifts weekly in a cardiac care unit, and have a busy family.  I’m overweight and don’t have time for an exercise program but I feel badly that I’m such a poor role model for both my patients and my own kids.  How can I fit it all in? 

Here’s the short answer: you can’t.  Somethings got to give, you can’t do it all.  Of course being overweight and not getting enough exercise is not heart healthy, neither is being stressed out.  The reality is that parents who are working outside the home full time never have enough time for themselves.

It’s helpful to set some priorities and delegate some of the jobs on the home front.  Assign chores to your children as soon as they are old enough to help with kitchen clean up and laundry.  Consider using some of that hard earned paycheck for some household help.  Does your employer offer any on site programs to encourage exercise for staff?  What can you do to change eating habits to be more  healthy?  Think about what kind of exercise lifts your spirits as well as keeping you fit.  Are there exercise and eating well changes that the whole family could buy into?  You have  already realized that your own health matters on so many levels, now figure out how to make it a priority.

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