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YouTube videos help nursing students learn

March 18th, 2011 by – Marijke Durning

Whether you’re a nursing student or a graduate who needs to review certain techniques, YouTube can be a wonderful source for you. Often thought of as a way of showing silly things to friends or catching the world’s attention with beautiful music, it’s also a great learning tool.

Check out some of these YouTube videos that nurses and student nurses have made to help others learn.

Understanding IV tubing by MauiMaryRN is an interesting review of the actual tubing and its parts. She has many other videos as well including several on diabetes and endocrine disorders.

If you’d like a review on inserting IVs, nursingcrib shows you how to start an IV in this video. She has a few others including one on how to insert an nasogastric, or NG, tube.

Sometimes it’s better to see what we may be doing wrong to reinforce our technique. This is the first in such a series: Common errors in sterile technique (1 of 8 ) dressing removal. Subsequent videos go on to to focus on other errors and ways to avoid them instead.

There are many more videos that offer demonstrations of other skills. It is important, however, to be sure that you are doing the techniques that are required by your nursing school or the facility where you work. Their protocol and procedures trump what you see on the Internet. That being said, these videos are great reviews and can help you remember parts of a procedure that you may have forgotten.

Have you ever used YouTube videos to learn or remember techniques? Which ones do you like?

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