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Accountability and role changes

March 19th, 2011 by – Sue Barton

  I was assigned to work as a nurse aid in a MICU. I am a RN and do not have
the training in MICU. The facility stated I would not be held accountable
as a RN. I do not agree. What do you say?

I say get some legal advice.  You are asking a legal question, and the facility may not have your best interests in mind.  You may be able to access legal advice from an attorney in the health professions field through your local or state nurses association.  Your state board of nursing should also be able to respond to this question.  It is an interesting one in that the facility is asking you to perform in a role that is under your skill level and licensure.  More often it seems nurses are in positions where they are called on to perform tasks that are outside of their scope of practice.  Clearly, in those cases,  nurses may be held liable for actions that are not within the scope of practice for their licensure level as defined by the state nursing practice act.

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