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Pharmaceutical Schools

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Pharmacy technicians are essential to the pharmaceutical industry, often performing most of the hands-on work in preparing prescriptions under the guidance of licensed pharmacists. They may also perform various administrative duties and interact with and help customers. Pharmacy technicians may work in nursing homes, hospitals, and retail or mail-order pharmacies. The work day is generally spent standing up or walking around while interacting with customers and checking and filling prescriptions.

Pharmaceutical Schools Enhance Job Prospects

Though not required, attending a pharmaceutical school may greatly enhances a person's chances of getting hired in this profession. Programs vary by school, but generally take between six months and two years to complete. Examples of classes offered in these programs include pharmaceutical techniques, calculations, and terminology, recordkeeping techniques, and pharmacy ethics and law.

Pharmacy technicians earned a median salary of $28,070 in 2009, but top earners made more than $40,000 annually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the job outlook for pharmaceutical careers looks good, especially for those who receive formal training, such as that offered in pharmaceutical schools.

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Pharmaceutical Schools